• Team Cinch

Unregistered BAS Agents

Recently in Townsville we have noticed a marked increase in the number of unregistered BAS agents providing services like cheap bookkeeping to unsuspecting small businesses. As a registered BAS Agent and a small business ourselves, we cannot express how important it is to do your research before hiring the first cheap bookkeeper you find. If the person you contract is going to be coding or reconciling transactions for GST or other BAS transactions then they MUST be registered with the Tax Practitioner's Board. This ensures that not only are they qualified to handle your Activity Statement but that they have the experience, knowledge and protection to look after your financial records. When choosing a bookkeeper, please remember that just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Be sure to prioritize what's important to the sustainability of your small business: - qualifications, experience, speed and accuracy, reliability, service quality and range are just a few to consider other than price point. A good, reliable bookkeeper is an investment in your business. There are heaps of great bookkeepers in Townsville, don't sell yourself (and your business) short!! Click this link below to check that your bookkeeper is registered. Have a great (and productive) week!!