• Team Cinch

Upgrading your Reckon or MYOB software for 2014

In order to bring your software into line with the compliance changes taking effect on July 1st, you should have received an email with the details on how to upgrade your Reckon or MYOB software.

If not, or if you can't seem to find it for the 100 other unread emails, fear not, here is a breakdown of where you need to go to get it done.

For MYOB customers:

Get the update here:

Login with your my.myob details and follow the prompts.

If you pay for a subscription, your software update will be available under "Downloads"

If you pay each year at tax time or you need to renew your MYOB license, you will need to purchase the update through MYOB.

If you're a MYOB AccountRight Live or Essentials user - your software should be updated automatically. Check the previous posts here for instructions on how to confirm this.

Check out for more information.

For Reckon Customers:

If you use Reckon Hosted - you'll be notified the first time you log in after July 1st that a new update is available.

You can make a backup of your company file (if you choose) and save it to your Reckon or desktop drive.

Once you're ready to upgrade (and you've finalised your payroll and payment summaries for the year) click the new icon called 2014 Accounts AU R3. Check the tax and super changes have been modified (see previous post).

If you use Reckon desktop software - you can log in directly to download your upgrade from

Once you've logged in, go to Support > Updates and Service Packs and select the update that applies to your software.

If you don't have an ongoing subscription with Reckon (if you've purchased the desktop software outright or you need to renew your subscription), head to where you can upgrade or renew your product. Need more help?

Head over to the Cinch Administration Facebook page and post your question or send us an email.