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ATO cracks down on Employees & Contractor labelling

From CCIQ:

You'll be hard-pressed to find an employer who enjoys paying leave loading, workers' comp, super or tax. But the law takes a dim view of bosses who try to pass employees off as contractors to avoid these costs.

Rules to live by:

• Don't tell an employee that he or she is an independent contractor.

• Don't dismiss or threaten to sack an employee so that you can hire them again as an independent contractor, especially if it's to do similar work.

• Don't lie to an employee - or a former employee - to persuade them to do much the same work on a contractual basis.

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CCIQ article:

BONUS points for anyone who can spot the error in the CCIQ article.

or visit the ATO and check out their Employee vs Contractor Decision Tool.…/Employee-or-contractor/