Dear Accountants,

Cinch Administration is constantly seeking to improve not only our relationships with our clients but also their accountants.


  • We believe in providing the best quality service for our clients and part of that is making sure that we:

  • have the most up to date information

  • are presenting the information to you in the most useful manner

  • are maintaining a 0% error rate in our book work

  • are ensuring you have all the information you need to provide the best, most efficient service to your clients.


Authority to Communicate

As part of our relationship with our clients, we ask that they authorise communication between yourselves and the Cinch Administration team. When you receive finance documents from a new Cinch Administration client, we will provide you with an authority, signed by the client to authorise you to speak with us. (We have a similar copy allowing us to do the same).


Our Service Quality Guarantee

In order to keep our clients costs, your valuable time and our error rate down, we ask that, should you find an error (or a better method of presentation), that you contact us directly to amend the error and improve our systems to avoid further errors in the future.


In the first instance, we would like the opportunity to rectify the error, cost-free to you and the client.


Alternatively, should you find any error as a fault of Cinch Administration, we agree to cover the costs to make any necessary adjustments (where we have not been able to amend the error ourselves).


Like us?

If you like the way we do business with your clients (and we hope you do), please recommend us to other clients you may have. We are a referral based business and love to know that we are getting things right.


Kind Regards,


Cinch Administration

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