Business Management & Support
New Business Set-up

Supporting your business through the red tape.  Helping you to prepare a business plan and ensuring you have met all your legal and financial obligations. 

Business Compliance Testing

Ensuring your business is meeting all legal and licensing requirements and employee obligations.

Business Coaching
Other Services

Need a fresh view point? Struggling to manage the sales, quality or service aspect of your business? Let a business coach walk you through the finer points of running a small business and help you grow the business to meet your personal and professional goals.

Insurance Management & Processing

Ensuring all your business (and personal) insurance needs are covered.  In the event of an insurance claim, providing liaison and administrative support services to ensure they are made accurately and efficiently so you get your return quicker.


General Business Management Services.  May include roster management, handling general enquiries from staff and third parties, coordinating supplies and sales. 

Inventory Management

Ensuring your business is neither over-stocked nor understocked by monitoring inventory levels and movement.  Overstocking your business inventory can lead to excess expenses relating to storage, security and expiration.  Understocking can be detrimental to your business by not having the required products on hand to provide to your customers.

See also Purchasing

2010 - present

2010 - present