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Cinch Business Solutions have partnered with Workforce Guardian to give you access to reliable HR Advice and tools to help you manage your staffing and payroll obligations. 

Please note: access to these services is only available for exisiting Cinch Business Solutions customers

There are 122 Modern Awards that cover most people working in Australia. A business can be covered by more than one award depending on the jobs the employees do.  

Use this form for employee pay rate questions.

Use this form to get fast answers in writing to HR questions about:
- Employment Contracts
- Leave
- Disciplinary Action
- And much more

Workforce Guardian also have packages including Contract Wizards, HR letters and templates, guides, managing processes, OH&S modules, Record Management and much more.  Talk to your account manager about getting a significant discount through Cinch Business Solutions.

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STEP 4: You'll receive a written, reliable response from HR experts within 3 working days. 



Unlimited support for 12 months!


PAY AS YOU GO - $39 per question


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Please be specific in your questions - specific questions get specific answers. 

The Workforce Guardian Team are HR experts that can give advice on questions relating to the Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, Employment Contracts, dismissals, disciplinary action and much more.  However, they are unable to provide advice relating to superannuation, taxation or salary sacrificing arrangements as these are not governed by employment law. 

Questions about Apprentices?  Be sure to include the workers age, school level completed, when the apprenticeship began and the term of the apprenticeship.